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Edifici Cabirol, Pont de Cami d'Incles,  CG-2, km.17, Incles - Soldeu (Andorra)

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Mapa de Andorra

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By Air:
The nearest iata international airport to Andorra is the Barcelona Airport (200kms./120miles).   bus (35€/pax.)
Other Nearby airports Girona, Reus & Toulouse (France)
Private taxi (200€/per 4 pax.) from Barcelona airport  see directions here below
From Barcelona: Novatel Eurolines , There is no railway system service in Andorra.
The nearest train station is Puigcerda (Spain)
or Toulouse in France

Map of  Andorra

Driving Directions - Entering from Spain

While approaching Andorra, you will pass from the last Spanish village called La Seu d'urgell, at this point you are just 10kms. away from Andorra (clearly signed, mostly everywhere):

At the border, beuarocratic formalities hardly exist. You keep driving slowly passing through the Police Cabins alongside the road, unless halted by a police officer, which is rare, you need not bother about showing the documents. After the Police cabins, during the office hours, you may see a couple of customs officers, who halt one vehilce every 100, on random basis. If you not carrying more than €6000 per adult or valuables eqv. you need not bother, rest of the EEC regulations apply.


La Seu d´Urgell (10 kms from Andorra border)
The last village of Spain before entering Andorra

2kms. before apartment buidling
comes the Manacor Supermarket

Once you cross the borderenter Andorra, there is only one main road, just keep going up, & follow the signs of França (France).

The apartment building is at a distance of 24 kms (15miles) from the border. 16kms (10 miles from Andorra la Vella or City Center)

After the border you will pass from different villages or perish, Sant Julia de Loria (0 km) - Santa Coloma (4 km) - Andorra La Vella (6km) - Encamp (10km) - Canillo (16km) & then El Tarter (23km) (you will see the gondola lift on your right)

at a distance of 1km (Km.16 of the main road CG2) you will see the Esso Gas station on your right, just next to Esso turn right on the small lane, thats the Cabirol building  (this is a small lane upon the river).

There two restaurants oppoiste left to the Esso Gas station, called  "Borde del Rector" & the another "Can Pep".

El Tarter Gondola car park. 
(1km. before apt. bldg.)
Parador Canaro
mini ski resort
400m before apt.bldg.
Approaching road 300m before, can see Esso gas station at the end.
Esso Gas Station just before the Apt. bldg. lane
Can Pep (Bar restaurant on the main road in fornt of the building lane)
The apartment building lane & the Cabirol Bldg
Borde del Rector (Andorran  restaurant on the main road in fornt of the building lane)

Entering from France

TUNEL: Alternatively, once you cross the french border & about to enter Pas de la Casa, you can take the tunel, to avoid the heavy bends on 2500m height envalira mountains, at night its a bit risky even, in winter its usually covered with ice layer & thus dangerous.
As you pass the french border there is a big roundabout & the tunel is clearly indcated, it costs about €5 .
There is a big curve after Piolets apartments, after the curve  at km.18 OF CG2 (Main Road 2) you will see the Bar Restaurant "Can Pep" (see the image here above), just right in front of the "Can Pep" there is a small lane (see the image here above) heading towards the apartment building

Also right in front of the small lane, there is a restaurant called Borde del Rector (see the image here above).

There is only one main road in Andorra connecting France & Spain & it is CG2 (Carretera General 2)
While you come from France, just follow the signs of Andorre or Andorra la Vella, passby the village of Soldeu (11 kms from the french border & Pas de la Casa), go further straight on the same road just 900m down from Soldeu village is the Cabirol building, just after the bend look for CAN PEP Restaurant on your right, just on the other side of the road is the apartment bldg. 

Pas de la Casa (The first village of Andorra - from France)

The best & free Driving Route from Barcelona Airport

When we say best, it means the safest & with limited bends, with more highway driving than countryside mountanous roads. For people looking for adevture, please consult the Michelin Guide or & search by fastest route criteria.
This is a for families:

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From the Barcelona Airport just follow the signs of  "Lleida" .
You should take A-2 & not AP-2   (AP-2 is a parallel roll pay road)
Just keep going on A-2 direction "Lleida" & take the exit 520 (Cervera). 90km.s from the airport

Important: At km.545 there´s a sign for Andorra, do not exit here.

At the exit 520 of A-2, there is a roundabout, you will see the sign clearly indicating GUISSONA, PONTS & ANDORRA  
Just follow the signs of  GUISSONA (13kms.)

Guissona is meat producing village, & they promote their produce in the supermarket situated at the roundabout, you can´t miss it. There is a supermarket, €4/persona buffet lunch/dinner, opened from 8am to 12 midnight, coffee/soft drinks machines etc.

Now you will see the signs for PONTS (also Andorra), just follow the signs to PONTS (17kms.)  
As you reach PONTS, there is a roundabout, take right, Andorra is clearly indicated. This road takes you straight to the Spain/Andorra border (69kms.)  

Total Airport to Andorra Border distance = 206 kms. (129 miles)
Estimated driving time = 140 minutes evening/night driving, 170 minutes daylight driving.

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